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How to Get Rid of Blackheads

About 99% of us deal with blackheads and the 1% of the population who don’t are aliens, seriously. Blackheads are VERY common yet, 100% preventable. First, let's understand what they are and why they are sitting on your face. Blackheads are an oxidized build up formed from dead skin cells, oil, and bacteria that get trapped in the pore leaving a blackish brown coat in the pore. The best way to control the production of black heads and to get rid of the ones you already have is to be consistent with facials, having a proper skin routine, and a dedication to exfoliation 3x a week.

I am a licensed esthetician so of course I preach the importance of facials, however, I also understand as a former acne sufferer what it’s like to be a consumer who has wasted loads of money on things that just didn’t work for me. When I write these blog posts, I write to the integrity of the consumers, so, let’s say no to wasting money and yes to getting actual results. The most effective way to see results is implementing your skincare knowledge and applying it to your daily life + shopping habits.

I get that facials seem luxurious or not always attainable for the right price, but think of a facial like a trip to the dentist: you come in regularly to get your deep clean by a professional and maintain your results by washing everyday 2x a day. You are urged not to skip out on flossing right? So, I urge you to not skip out on washing your pores. Both get clogged with gunk we collect during the day that in order to keep the health and aesthetic, we need to maintain it. The more we let this gunk build up the more we run into long term problems.

Blackheads lead to enlarged pores and once the pores get to a certain point, it takes procedures to shrink them. To avoid getting to this point, you need a consistent routine with products that contain ingredients focused on pore cleaning. Scrubs, brushes, and pore strips are not the answer. These are gimmick-y facial items that get rid of the superficiality of the problem rather than the deeper rooted issues. Yes, scrubs will make your skin feel soft, brushes can clear the pores, and pore strips instantly grab a couple of blackheads here and there but does this really solve your issue? The answer is no.