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How to Even Skin Tone After Acne Trauma

Acne can be devastating to the skin. If you or a loved one has been effected by this skin tragedy, not only can I relate, I can help you!

*Me now with no makeup and direct sunlight!

Breakouts are localized infections that traumatize our skin and often leaves a mark behind from the battle. Our skin does it's job by sending enzymes to attack the bacteria, but these enzymes can also eat away the healthy collagen leaving brown, red or pigmented spots.

Tackling this issue is 100% possible but does take consistency, patience, and diligence.

Today I am spilling all my tip and tricks so that you and your loved ones can receive these results too.

1) Lighten and Brighten

When I mention lightening, reminder that I am not saying "bleaching". The products I am recommending are for ALL skin tones. To lighten we are going to even the tone of the skin so we get that "no makeup ma