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How to Even Skin Tone After Acne Trauma

Acne can be devastating to the skin. If you or a loved one has been effected by this skin tragedy, not only can I relate, I can help you!

*Me now with no makeup and direct sunlight!

Breakouts are localized infections that traumatize our skin and often leaves a mark behind from the battle. Our skin does it's job by sending enzymes to attack the bacteria, but these enzymes can also eat away the healthy collagen leaving brown, red or pigmented spots.

Tackling this issue is 100% possible but does take consistency, patience, and diligence.

Today I am spilling all my tip and tricks so that you and your loved ones can receive these results too.

1) Lighten and Brighten

When I mention lightening, reminder that I am not saying "bleaching". The products I am recommending are for ALL skin tones. To lighten we are going to even the tone of the skin so we get that "no makeup makeup" skin. We aren't taking away any natural pigment your skin has.

First things first, add a Vitamin C serum to your daily routine. Most Vitamin C serums can be used in the morning. This is great because Vitamin C not only evens the skin tone, it smooths texture and prevents future damage from being as devastating.

The award winning Brightening Serum from OSEA is formulated with Vitamin C and Hyaluronic acid which fades the appearance of recent dark marks. It is also formulated with Bearberry Extract which is added to the most innovative skincare products for a natural lightening agent.

If you need something a little more affordable, try the Kalos Skincare Bright Future 20% Vitamin C drops with my affiliated code "Lauren10" for an additional 10% off.

The reason why Vitamin C serums tend to be on the price-r side is because Vitamin C has to be stabilized in ingredient labs to be safe for your skin. 100% Vitamin C powders, lemons, orange slices, or "pure" vitamin C serums are not okay for you to use on your skin. This can cause irritations, reactions, and long term skin damage.

2) Wear SPF

Anytime you are trying to combat hyper pigmentation issues it is an absolute MUST to wear a SPF everyday. If you are spending time outdoors, no matter the percentage, it's important to reapply your SPF every 2 hours. Driving to and from work, you can still get UV damage. Snowing or raining? Those UV rays are strong and can penetrate through clouds.

Your pigmentation will never go away and in fact, might get worse if you aren't protecting it with an SPF. Now I feel you, I understand the annoyance of re-applying an SPF especially if you are a makeup wear-er. It is not exactly convenient to your everyday life to redo your entire skincare and makeup routine just to re-apply an SPF. Girl I get it so I found the best product for you.

The Seriously Fab Dot Com Zinc It Over spray has a non-irritating mineral based SPF was designed to make the re-application process of SPF much easier. I've tired other facial mists in the past and they leave a thick residue, white cast, or have an uneven spray applicator. This one gives a dewy clear finish because its infused with skincare ingredients and has a great spray that's able to coat the face efficiently. Use my code "estie10" for 10% off your order.

3) Professional Treatments

Do you see a personal trainer to loose wait? A dentist to keep your oral hygiene in tact? A doctor to manage your health? It is so important to see a professional when you want to see results to help you stay on track with your plans. There is only so much Google can do for you. A licensed professional often has years of experience to back you up and help navigate your solutions.

An Aesthetician is a skincare professional you are recommended to see every 4-6 weeks who dedicated their help you and the health of your skin. Chemical Peels and Micro-needling are the best treatments I have discovered in my career and my own journey for hyper-pigmentation correction. I do these treatments on a regular basis with an aesthetician to maintain the results I have today which has taken a year to achieve.

This is why I mentioned earlier that this takes consistency, patience and diligence to see results. To give your skin a little bit of a boost in between treatments, you can do a mini at home peel as well.

Here are some of my favorites :

Green Apple Peel Sensitive Exfoliating Mask from Juice Beauty

White Algae Mask from OSEA Malibu

Triple Treat Masque from Kalos Skincare code "lauren10" for 10% off

Thank you for reading this post and being apart of the Estie Bestie skin BFF Family.


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