Top Five Green & Vegan Acne Skincare Solutions

When you deal with acne, you often deal with inflammation in the skin as well.  Most conventional brands have toxic fragrances, skin irritants, and chemicals in their skincare that can cause more inflammation or irritation to your skin. That’s the last thing you want when dealing with acne so making the switch to green beauty skincare can really help improve your acne and overall skin health. These are some of my favorite green beauty skin care solutions and vegan products that help balance acneic skin!  I’m teaming up with my favorite online beauty store Petit Vour for this post.  Affiliated links are included in this post and this post is not sponsored.  

Petit Vour is a online beauty boutique with a wide range of products and resources for beauty lovers.  Their store includes blog posts for product guidance, an affordable monthly subscription beauty box, ethical clothing, and every beauty item you could need.  Petit Vour makes shopping easier when you want to shop cruelty-free green beauty because their website only sells cruelty free, vegan, and green beauty products!  I was so happy to discover them because anytime I want to try a new beauty item, I know their store is trustworthy and the research is already done for me; all I have to do is shop!  Anyone who lives this lifestyle knows this can take many hours just to find one product that's clean, vegan, and cruelty free.  I found so many beauty faves from them and here are my Top 5 Green & Vegan Acne Skin Care Solutions.

Juice Beauty Brightening Gel Cleanser

When you’re dealing with acne, the last thing you want to do is use a harsh cleanser everyday. Switching to an organic gentle cleanser like the Juice Beauty Brightening Cleanser can really make a difference in your skin. This cleanser is gel-based and gently foams up when water is added. This offers a gentle, yet effective cleansing method. There is a little bit of Malic Acid and sugar cane AHA acids that will gently slough off dead skin cells, preventing clogged pores which is ideal for mild acne. If you have more advanced acne, the Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Cleanser may suit your skin better because it’s infused with more acne fighting ingredients. 2) Juice Beauty Blemish Clearing Toner Pads 

Acne is often formed when there is an imbalance or over-production of oil and sebum in the skin. The Blemish Clearing Toner Pads from Juice Beauty balance the oil and sebum production, tighten pores, and deeply cleanse the skin. These pads can be used after cleansing and help with textured acne, prevent blackheads, and soothe acne symptoms. These pads also have brightening and soothing properties to help even out and calm post-acne inflammation. 3) Osea Malibu Blemish Balm

Even with acneic skin or oily skin, using a moisturizer is an essential step everyone needs to take for maximum skin health. Some acne methods dry out the skin, but in my opinion that method isn’t healthy for your skin. To preserve skin health, the proper way to approach acne is to find a balance between hydration and oil control. Hydrating and moisturizing is essential after cleansing because cleansing is dehydrating to skin. If you don’t moisturize, this can cause your skin to over compensate and create more oil that could lead to even more acne. The OSEA Malibu Blemish Balm is a lightweight, antibacterial moisturizer designed perfectly for oily skin and acne prone skin. It will give your skin the right amount of hydration without leaving a thick, heavy layer. This moisturizer has a lightweight, cool, and tingly feeling that acne sufferers will love! 4) Odacité BL+C Serum

This serum treatment is great for treating acne because it’s antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial. The antiseptic properties from the cajeput essential oil helps to prevent more acne from forming. The cold-pressed, virgin black cumin oil is healing to acne because of its anti-inflammatory properties and prevents acne bacteria from spreading. This facial serum is beautifully blended, catering to all acneic skin needs. 5) OSEA Malibu Red Algae Mask

Controlling oil production and keeping pores clean plays a major role in acne control. I always recommend doing a detox mask 1x a week to deep clean the pores, but this clay mask is so gentle and hydrating that you can use it up to 2x a week if needed. The OSEA Malibu Red Algae Mask has detoxing clays that suck up oil like a magnet while nourishing skin with anti-aging red algae. This mask helps with your overall complexion and the health of your skin. This mask can be used 1-2 times a week to help maintain acne or as a blemish overnight spot treatment as needed.


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