Micheal Todd Soniclear Petite Facial Cleansing Brush

Micheal Todd Soniclear Petite brush is a facial cleansing brush powered by sonic power and has anti-microbial bristles.  This at home facial cleansing device is gentle and effective with removing facial dirt, makeup, sweat, and daily build up of oils on the facial skin.  This brush produces 300 sonic movements per second and cleanses 7x better and deeper then your hands.


  • Has a magnetic charger making this device water proof (so okay to use in the shower).

  • 3 year warranty against defects.

  • Has anti microbial properties which prevents the spreading of bacteria and helps extend the life of the bristles.

  • Sonic powered waves micro massage away dirt and impurities.

  • A cleansing timer goes off any time you should move to another area.

  • Drying Stand.

  • Rechargeable.  The device lasts 2 hours fully charged.

  • The device is cordless but has a charger cord that is magnetic and uses a USB wall charger (USB wall plug is not included, charger cord included)

  • Retails for $89 on https://michaeltoddbeauty.com

My Experience:

I did receive this device to review, but this post isn't paid for or sponsored and I am not an affiliate with Michael Todd Beauty.  This is my honest review:

I have never tried a cleansing brush before, so I was very exited to review this cleansing device from Michael Todd Beauty.  I haven't tried their skin care line yet but I am very pleased with this cleansing brush so far!  I received this Micheal Todd Soniclear Petite brush about a month ago and have been putting it to the test since.

I have combo skin, mostly dry in the cheeks and oily in the t-zone, and I am extremely break out prone.  I get black heads really bad and consistently on my nose, chin, and I tend to get congestion on my cheeks.  My hopes from this brush were to get a deeper clean then I would normally get from cleansing with my hands.

The first time using this, I felt it was a little rough on my cheeks, but my nose and chin felt fine.  I did notice a reduction in clogged pores after the first cleanse.  This device won't take out deep black heads, but if the black head is in the beginning stages, this will reduce them from getting worse.  I love how well it cleans the pores out and helps control black heads.  Personally for my skin, the cleansing device is to exfoliating to use on my cheek areas everyday, so I use this device 3 times a week.  I gently glide this over my cheek areas and mostly focus it on my black head prone areas for prevention and reduction.  I would definitely say I have noticed improvement with black heads since using this device. 

Esthetician Advice:

I definitely recommend the Micheal Todd Soniclear Petite for any one who gets congested, break out prone, black head prone skin.  

With oily skin, this can benefit you by deep cleaning the pores, exfoliating, and help oil control. 

With dry skin, this can benefit you by exfoliating off all the dead skin cells, allowing your creams and serums to penetrate deeper into the skin, and Work better.  

With combo skin this can really help keep congestion and black heads at bay. 

If you have really sensitive skin, I don’t think you would enjoy the sensation on your sensitive areas.  Just because you have sensitive areas doesnt exclude you from this brush.  Just avoid those more sensitive areas and focus on the areas that are more clogged.  

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