Whats Growing in Your Skin Care?

Often, I see Instagram Videos, YouTube tutorials, or friends who dip their fingers or face brushes directly into their facial product. As an Estie, I cringe every time.

Your sticky fingers and tightly closed jar containers creates the perfect breeding ground for bacteria to thrive. The horror stories of E. coli, staph, or even flesh eating bacteria found in products has truth to it. Every time you dip your fingers into your product, you could be introducing it to bacteria.

So that little scooper that comes with your newest anti-aging purchase has a purpose. A very important thing that shouldn't be thrown away!

Steps to Keep Your Products Safe:

  1. Wash your hands with anti-bacterial soap before beginning your skin routine.

  2. Try to stick to products that have pumps.

  3. Keep the spoons that come with jar products.

  4. Wash the spoon with anti-bacterial soap BEFORE and AFTER you dip it in your product (every time).

  5. Always stay away from bar soaps for your skin, refer to last blog post for more details.

  6. Use a clean new towel after every wash.

  7. NEVER dip your mask brush into your mask jar. Take a scoop out with a spatula, put product in a clean bowl or on the back of a clean hand, then use the brush for easy mask application.

Contaminated products should be thrown away. You could get a reaction or irritation if you aren't careful. Also, contaminated product loose effectiveness, so don't waste your money. Have you had a product that you felt stopped working overtime? Have you used a product for months and then one day got a reaction with no problems before? This could mean your product was contaminated and shouldn't be used anymore.

Keep your skin care safe!


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